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Here’s How Music Can Make Life More Enjoyable

We respond to music on a deep and fundamental level even below our level of consciousness. It can affect our bodies and brains in profound ways without us needing to do much more than sit and listen. And there is enough evidence to suggest that it can work on the unconscious level too.

We have been exposed to many sounds throughout our lives – from the sounds of nature, traffic, and chatter from other people – that affect us physically, mentally, and spiritually. Every noise has a frequency and a tone. Music has a particularly high level of harmonics – sounds with greater harmonic frequencies than the fundamental sound. High harmonic frequencies are closer to the energy of our bodies. High frequencies travel further in metal than lower frequencies and therefore give music a more intense effect on us than other types of sounds.


We have been exposed to tones since we were small children. We could hear music just as well when it was classical as it was rock and roll. Tones have tones. There are even types of music suited to every taste. Just like other tastes, we have our own. Classical music can be enjoyable to all bodies and minds – because tones in music have a similar effect on everybody.

Harmonics are a mathematical formula that tells us how to arrange the basic sounds that compose music. The number of harmonics is equal to the number of notes. There are 20 notes in the musical scale of A-flat major and 55 notes in the major scale. The notes are arranged in a pyramid with each successive scale level adding another harmonic to the previous scale level.


This mathematical formula is a simple formula, but its implications are huge. It can explain the history of music, the nature of harmony, how to create sounds with harmony, the purpose of harmony, and the laws that govern the world of harmonics. Harmonics tell us how the sound changes state depending on the person listening. They tell us about the different modes of sound. The sound of silence can be explained by the principle of similarity. The sound of harmony with just the right amount of harmony gives that silence where thoughts normally reside.


It is believed that humans were created with a consciousness level that is closest to the energy of their physical bodies. These bodies were created from sound waves and therefore respond to the same frequencies as our bodies. If a sound has a certain harmonic frequency it will affect us when we hear it just as a tone affects us just as much when we hear it. As humans, we hear sound differently than animals. We hear sounds differently, and this is the harmonic principle at work. We hear sound at a different level depending on our level of awareness. That level determines the effect and it can be positive or negative depending on the choice of how we hear the sound.

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