Ibanez Electric Acoustic 4 string Bass, Black



used bass

Used Ibanez Acoustic Electric Bass

it’s an acoustic instrument so you’d need bright strings, phosphor bronze, ideally. And they have to be fairly new, but you MIGHT get by using FastFret. And you either pluck the strings HARD or use a pick. On electric, the amp does the work, on an unamplified instrument it’s different. Your finger or picking technique definitely helps the volume keep up with an acoustic guitar. It gets plenty loud enough if you bash it, thumb slap and finger pop it.

Dealer info on this bass:
The Ibanez AEB5E acoustic-electric bass delivers a punchy low end, whether amplified or not. As an unplugged acoustic bass, its agathis body and sides give it a warm tone.

The Ibanez piezo pickup and Ibanez AEQ-202T preamp with 2-band EQ and onboard tuner allows quick tuning and easy amplification with a natural acoustic sound.

Acoustic bass adds a tasty layer of warm, low-end resonance that makes songs come alive and arrangements sound more fleshed-out. When amplified, the Ibanez AEB5E bass guitar uses its pickup and preamp to pump the tone and offer the thump you need at whatever volume.
Case sold separately.
Agathis back and sides
Chrome die-cast tuners
Ibanez piezo pickup
Ibanez AEQ-202T 2-band preamp with onboard tuner
Rosewood bridge and fretboard
Ivorex II nut and saddle

Additional information

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 42 × 20 × 5 cm


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